Keynote Speaker/Storyteller: Amah Harris
Producer, Artistic Director, Playwright, Educator, and Motivational Speaker
Topic: "Caribana: A Journey Through Time"
A brief history of Caribana - taking us on a journey from inception to what it is today.
Host: Neisely Eugene
Special Guest Steelpannist: Kenn Lewis 
Hybrid Rotary Toronto Meeting Friday, July 19th, 2024  
Lunch at The National Club, 303 Bay Street, Toronto
Views and Opinions Expressed Disclaimer:  The views and opinions are those expressed by the Speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official views or opinions, policy or position of The Rotary Club of Toronto or its Members.


Biography: Amah Harris B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Producer, artistic director, playwright, educator, motivational speaker, Amah Harris is known as an award winning cultural and social activist. Her work promotes positive imaging of Caribbean and African Peoples towards the Harmonious co-existence of All Peoples. Amah was Co-Director of Black Theatre Canada in the ‘70s and Founder/Artistic Director of Theatre In The Rough in the 80s, 90s, a touring company that dealt with ‘rough issues’ to quote the Toronto Star. This was carried out both through catalyst original plays and experiential workshops. That approach brought participants face-to-face with the issues at hand and encouraged them to make a commitment to handling those issues using their own strategies. Hamilton Spectator: “Amah is a pioneer in the field of Black Theatre in Canada” – quote by Evelyn Myrie, then Co-Chair of The John Holland Awards, one of a list of awards won by Amah Harris. Documented in the book, 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women (2018), she is an innovator in theatre and education, who has been integrating elements of both disciplines to yield the most productive results. The work covers a spectrum, ranging from Corporations, Clubs and Institutions to Professional Performers and School Students. Amah’s productions and experiential workshops have been experienced by literally hundreds of thousands across Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean and as far south as South Africa.