Granting Guidelines
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Important:  Please use downloadable word doc template of Granting Guidelines to submit
your appeal and ensure that you have answered all questions and included all requested documents
It is recommended on approval of the following Grant Guidelines by the Foundation that they be posted on the website and be made available to the Club Board and Club Committee Chairs.
Source of Funds: Donations from members of The Rotary Club of Toronto and the public in general, special club events, donor directed funds, bequests from estates of Rotarians and others as well as investment income.
Purpose: The Foundation has determined to focus its resources primarily on providing one-time funding for programs as follows:
The Foundation supports charitable organizations whose work directly benefits the quality of life in Toronto for children, youth, seniors and indigenous people, as well as disadvantaged and marginalized groups who are most vulnerable to the economic, social or environmental challenges of an urban environment, including the homeless, recent immigrants and the poor. The Foundation also supports charitable organizations whose work responds to the needs of the Indigenous communities outside of Toronto, primarily within the Province of Ontario.
From time to time, the Foundation also provides disaster relief. In recent years this has taken the form of donations to Shelter Box Canada.
Granting Region: Primarily the Greater Toronto Area, with emphasis on the inner city.
Types of Support: Grants will be considered for seed money, special projects and community emergencies.
Funding Restrictions: Grants will generally not be made for operating purposes, deficit financing, and endowment funds or under any form of pledge arrangement. Grants are not given to individuals for sponsorship, travel, awards, fellowships, scholarships or bursaries. Applicants must be registered charitable organizations. Donations to general Capital Campaigns that are not focused on specific projects with which the Foundation can be associated with will not be considered.
Follow-up: Recipients of grants will be expected to report back to the Foundation on the expenditure of moneys granted and the completion of projects supported by the Foundation.
To submit a proposal for a potential grant, please provide us with the following information:
1. Name, address and contact information for organization requesting donation.
2. Business Number (BN). Formerly known as the Registered Charitable Number.
1.            What is the title of the project?
2.            What is the purpose?
3.            How much money is required and how will it be spent?
4             How much money has been raised to date?
5.            What commitment of funds has been received from other sources?
6.            When will the project start?
7.            Have you or your organization previously requested The Rotary Club of Toronto to contribute to this or other projects of your organization? If yes, when and how much did you receive?
Please provide a copy of audited financial statements covering a two-year period for the organization responsible for your project.
2.            Please provide the budget for the project.
3.            If the project is ongoing, how will operating costs be met in future years?
Give names of officers of the organization and members of the Board of Directors, if so constituted.
Please provide general information about your organization: background, the issues you address, who benefits from your activities and achievements.
With what other agencies do you co-ordinate?
What geographical area do you service?
What recognition and publicity would Rotary receive if your appeal is approved?
Please make written submission to:
Chair, Research & Appeals Committee
The Rotary Club of Toronto
C/o The Fairmont Royal York
100 Front St. West
Toronto, ON M5J 1W4
Feel free to call: 416-363-0604 to speak to the Executive Director should you have further questions.